About Me

Hi, friends! I’m Alannah and I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve often felt scared that life could be passing by, and I would miss out on this beautiful gift. I found that when I wrote, I could reflect on all the wonderful things God had brought into my life, and the things I wanted to do with this one life given to me.

And so, I write. This blog has been a long-time friend to me, and a place to write about the beauty of the life God has blessed me with. It’s been around through some pretty difficult times in my life, and through the victories in my life, too. If you were to ask me my favourite topic to write about, it would simply be life. Our lives are filled with wonderful and exciting adventures, and oftentimes, filled with difficult seasons, too. In fact, real life is the best adventure ever written – it’s full of moments that I don’t want to miss. This is why I write: I write to simply remember this one life I’ve been given.

My Husband

In university, I met this guy in the cafeteria. He served my meals and said, “hi” once. He waited for years for the right gal to come along. Little did I know it would be me.

He’s my handsome friend, my supporter, my favourite. He smiles like this 99.9% of the time, and is rarely heard speaking negatively. His name means “joy”, and Isaac most definitely brings joy to my life and to the lives of those around him. He’s in love with God, serves in our church musically, and washes the dishes so I don’t have to (I’m blessed!).

You can read more of our story here.

What I Do

I am a Primary & Grade One teacher at a local private school, and I’m currently counting down the days until the kiddos are back in school!

1. I’m in love with God’s Word, family, rose gold anything, Netflix, monograms, peonies, and anything pink.

2. I traveled to Mexico back in 2008, and traveled to Africa in 2012.

3. I’m an INFJ (part of that 1%) according to MBTI.

4. We adopted a three-year-old holland lop in September of 2016, and we’re confident he thinks he’s a dog.

5. I’m a wanna-be minimalist, though I own eight shelves of books & more craft supplies than a gal would ever need.

6. If it comes in pink, I’ll take it.

7. I love to make lists (can you tell?)

8. I’ve been known to bake pies at 10PM.

9. When I was 11, my life dream was to save the feeder mice of the world.

10. My husband and I are complete opposites. He’s wild, crazy, extroverted & silly. I’m quiet, safe, introverted & serious.