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Coffee Together | Vol. 4

If we were having coffee together, I’d probably show up looking a bit frazzled.
 My hair would likely be messy (and filled with dry shampoo), the circles around my eyes would be a little larger, and I’d probably breathe a big sigh while I sat down. As you may know, we’re moving this week. We have boxes to pack, a moving truck to pick up, and I have to remember to feed myself in between those times, too (which is a bit difficult when your kitchen is in heaps). Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit frazzled these past couple of weeks.

If we were having coffee together, I’d ask you about when it’s acceptable to start drinking iced drinks. When fall hits, I’m all about that Pumpkin Spice Latte. When winter hits, I’m all over the Peppermint Mochas of the world. But after Christmas, I’m ready for warm days, iced drinks, and rolling down windows. Too bad that we’re stuck with another four months of winter after Christmas. So when do you haul out the iced drinks? Or do you stick with mochas, espressos, and lattes until May?

If we were having coffee together, I would ask how your heart is. And I would really mean it. I’d want to know what you’re struggling with, what load you’re carrying, and how I can help carry it with you. And I’d really listen. I’d tuck my phone (on silent) in my bag, place it away from me, and I would give you my full attention. Because human beings are worth far more than likes, retweets, and favouriting.

If we were having coffee together, I would ask who you’re following on social media and why. I find myself often carrying unnecessary stress when I follow certain individuals on social media. I’ve had to weed out the accounts I follow, but I’m thankful I did. Unfollowing people made me feel guilty, but the drama, news, and crap (for lack of better words) on certain accounts was too much for me. Now, I make room for accounts I’m truly inspired by–ones that bring me joy by reading/following. There’s too much ugliness in this world–filling my heart and mind with it just isn’t wise.

If we were having coffee together, I would ask you if you feel ‘grown up’. The closer I get to my twenty-third birthday, the younger I feel. It’s such a strange feeling. I’m trying to understand why I feel like I’m 17 when I’m a teacher, have been married for over a year, and am maintaining my own household. When I was younger, I always felt ‘grown up’ for my age, and looked more mature than I was. Then, I hit 20 and now I feel super young (immature, maybe?). Grant it, I am young. But is it normal to feel like you’re 17? Am I the only one?

The lovely Amber is the mastermind behind coffee date blog posts, and is currently taking a hiatus from blogging, but my lovely friend Erin is continuing these coffee dates over at her place. Want to join us? Head over here to link up.

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  • Praying your move goes well! I know how stressful that process can be, but just think of how fun it will be to settle into your new place and start decorating! 🙂 And I just can’t get into iced coffee no matter how hard I try, but any day that’s warm and sunny is totally a day where an iced chai latte is appropriate, in my opinion. Treat yo’self!

  • Kate

    It’s funny you asked about the iced vs. hot drinks. There are certain places I only ever get iced coffee (Dunkin Donuts) and some places I really only get a hot drink (Starbucks). It’s not at all seasonal for me! But I also liked what you said about unfollowing and being choosy. I’ve been off Facebook for a while, but I still love my Instagram feed so I think I need to make my Facebook feed look more like Instagram in terms of who I see updates from rather than bracing myself for feelings each time I open the app. I don’t know that I have any recommendations, but I do love to follow a lot of art/crafting accounts that make me want to do my own thing instead of people who share posts that just make me want to buy more stuff. Maybe you could make yourself some “rules” like that?

  • Megan

    I so appreciate that you would put your phone away…that always drives me insane when I’m trying to have a good catch up with a friend!
    I 100% do NOT feel like a grown-up and I’m starting to think that you never really do. I don’t think we ever really feel capable or responsible enough to handle all of the stuff life flings our way…that’s why we need God so desperately!
    I’d also say that cold drinks are always acceptable. Just like ice cream. There is no wrong time to have ice cream.

  • Um, NO! I’m 26 and definitely don’t feel like a grown up. In fact, I was faced with a situation recently where my first instinct was to run to someone older because I didn’t feel like I was equipped or mature enough to handle the situation on my own.

    Let’s talk soon, friend. I’ve been missing you. Always praying for you. xo

  • I don’t use social media, but I do blog. Occasionally I too have to weed out people. But its usually because I feel inferior to all of their foo-foo large lavish houses. And white walls. Mine are green, purple, and tan. I live for color. White is ick, to me. I can honestly say I have never looked back.

  • I hope you’re going okay with moving house, I know from experience that it can be a very stressful time. Hope you’re finding some time to relax within that.

    I think it’s a very wise thing to be selective about who pops up on your social media feed. I’ve had to unfollow people or blogs from time to time because, you’re right, it’s so much better reading those ones that bring you joy. Over the last few months I’ve absolutely loved reading blogs written by other Jesus-loving ladies!