Making 2017 Happen: February Goals

Happy February, friends!

Though January held quite a bit of sickness (colds, etc) for me, I’m happy 2017 is here! Now we’re heading into “love month”, and I’m excited to celebrate my second (married) Valentine’s Day with my sweetie.

We’re also so excited for our move which is coming so quickly. We’ve finally set a solid date for our moving day (March 16th–just over 40 days away!). I love exciting changes like this, and moving into a new–bigger–home, close to my parents is making this change even sweeter. Until then, we have February to prepare. Here’s to a new month & new goals! But first, a quick recap of January.

1. Blog 2x/month. This I did! I’ve learned I have a horrible time keeping up with things, especially blogging. This was the first goal I made for 2017, and I was so pleased January brought about some blog updates.

2. Clear out my closet/purge any unnecessary items. Eh, no. But I did watch Minimalism on Netflix, so that counts, right? (sarcasm font–rolling eyes).

3. Gather recipes for a meal plan. Again, no. Meal planning is difficult for me, because I never seem to have the ingredients I need , and when I do buy them, we either go out to eat or Isaac wants to cook that night. So, then my meal plan is messed up. I need to work on this. Any tips, friends?

4. Knit or weave an item. This I did! I weaved a wall hanging in various blue & cream tones. I hope to hang it in our new home once we move!

5. Use a day off to take photos. I’ve been sick for most of the month, so most of my days off consisted of sleeping & sleeping some more. I hope to complete this goal maybe next month.

6. Take down Christmas decorations. I couldn’t bear to do it, friends. I know it’s almost February, but those lights are so inviting. I just can’t bring myself to take it down yet, so up it stays.

7. Exchange/return Christmas gifts that don’t fit. Isaac and I went to the mall to exchange a couple items, and it felt good to get it done with.

8. Complete my First Aid & CPR training. THIS. I did this! I was required to take the course for my job, but was dreading being with a bunch of strangers–in a classroom–for two days (#introvertprobs). The second day was postponed to the next weekend (due to weather), so that prolonged it. I’m glad I took it, though – it was useful information for anyone to have. I’m just glad it’s done!

9. Start researching curriculum/ideas for my Primary-Grade 1 class. I’m so excited to have my own classroom! This month, I was able to create a Pinterest board with some resources for my class. I found classroom arrangements, worksheets, and even little rhymes to help gain students’ attention. This wasn’t a hard goal to complete since I’m so excited for my class!

1. Clear out my closet. This was on my January tending list, but never got done. With a move coming up, it would be nice to purge some unnecessary clutter before dragging it into our new home.

2. Blog twice this month. This was a success in January, so I’m hoping it’ll work out well this month, too. I like keeping this little space of mine updated!

3. Catch up on paperwork. I have some government stuff to send off (confirming my name is actually Pang now–it shouldn’t be this difficult), and it’s been hanging over my head for weeks. Of course, I always remember it when I’m laying in bed at night & can’t sleep–then it brings me more stress. I need to get this done to remove some stress.

4. Take down the tree (crying…). It’s time. As much as I love our tree, it’s time to put it away.

5. Valentine’s date with Isaac. This shouldn’t be hard to do! I love spending time with my husband, so it’s not something that necessarily needs to be “tended to”, but I like having it on my tending list so I remember.

6. Pair down craft supplies. Again, I really don’t want to bring extra clutter into our new place. I have a few small bins with craft supplies in them, and they could use to be gone over/purged. I always feel so much better once things are cleaned up!

7. Fix my personal resume & apply for summer jobs. I’ve already worked on this a bit, but the applying for jobs thing hasn’t been tended to yet. If anyone wants to be my personal assistant and do these things for me, I’d be very grateful, thank you very much.

8. Book moving truck. I know we don’t need it until March, but friends, we’re already in February. Time flies, and I want to be prepared.

9. Find a Valentine’s Day gift for Isaac. I love shopping for others, but I can never find the perfect gift for my hubby. Any ideas?


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